A project directed by Woods End Laboratories for Brunswick Sewer District, seeks to demonstrate the practicality and utility of using fabric covers for winter sludge storage. DEP allows treated sludge to be stored for periods of time before landspreading; however, storage conditions are not always optimal.

Pictured is a pile with the ComposTex(tm) cover, a breathable, UV stabilized "fleece", which – according to Woods End's initial findings – allows sludge to attain at least 15C higher daily temperatures than uncovered material, plus piles are losing – instead of gaining – water during the wet winter with snow and rain.

Brinton's team at Woods End is tracking microbiological effects and VFA changes as the material ages under cover. "If the moisture does not increase as normal, but declines, and aerobic bacteria grow and do not decline, plus the piles stay warmer, you will have a considerably less unpleasant product later in the year", according to Dr. Brinton. The project will run through July 2007, and a final report will be presented. The final results indicated that the fabric performed even better than expected and it has become SOP for the district.