Park SparkAn event that was widely rumored in the media to have happened in San Francisco 2009 (but never did) has now taken place in Boston! – digesting dog poop into methane,- in a public setting. The “ParkSpark” project was conceived by MIT art student Matthew Mazotta, who after interning at Woods End Labs in 2009 (Mt Vernon ME) went on to build first a cow manure digester at the Skowhegan School, then the dog poop digester, now functioning (for a short permit period) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. According to Mazotta, “it took longer to get a city permit to install the pilot system thant o desgn and build it”. Will Brinton of Woods End measured 36% methane by day 10 in Mazotta’s trial, burnable in an old-fashioned Boston street-gas lantern (see inset). Mazotta and Brinton combined designs of fixed-dome digesters from India rural settings with modern containerized systems, maintaining fixed pressure and methane combustibility, to make the project a success. See: