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Studies Show Biological-Organic Farms Lead in Soil Health Metrics.

  How do Organic Farming Systems compare with Conventional when it comes to soil biology? Data shows the differences in % of biologically-managed farms compared to conventional, as defined by the study authors.   FIBL (Switzerland) and University Wageningen...

Remembering the early roots of soil health testing

Soil health testing may well have come about due to events 40 years ago this summer. In 1977, The Ministry of Agriculture of Baden-Württemberg (Germany) released a definitive study which compared conventional farming methods with “biological” - defined as farms using...

Study shows Soil Health tests less variable than common soil tests.

A new study about spatial variability of soil tests conducted by University of Connecticut has found that common analyses for OM, K, P, Ca and Mg have much higher variability than thought, ranging between 42 and 93% - in other words, “extremely...