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On the True Origins of Soil Health Testing

Healthy soil is a popular concept,  sometimes promoted as “regenerative” farming, yet is traceable to very early challenges made to conventional farming and which largely triggered the new field. At the recent 2020 Soil Sci Society meetings, Will Brinton and Eliot...

Soil health: scrutinizing farming systems, or soil lab practices, or both, for deleterious effects?

Soil tests to examine soil health first arose half a century ago as the new alternative farming movement put pressure on scientists to allow scrutinizing farming systems for potentially deleterious soil effects. But how much does soil testing itself cause deleterious...

What’s Your Soil’s Decomposing Power?

Many persons have recently discovered soil biology at hand of simple demonstration tests - a "popular" one being "soil my undies", where a pair of briefs are buried randomly in soil and unearthed a little later to see to what extent the cotton fabric has decomposed....