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Tillage Effects of Organic vs No-Till over a single season.

Tillage is an increasing topic of discussion. Organic is viewed as largely a tillage based system where cultural and mechanical tools include frequent cultivation and often intensive rototilling for weed control. These practices are increasingly criticized as causing...

Universal Soil Health? Not likely!

Soil health testing is certainly popular, but much less popular should be scoring everyone against the same yardstick -  despite the location. Presently, that's common practice with labs offering soil health tests according to Woods End Lab. A new approach offered...

Studies Show Biological-Organic Farms Lead in Soil Health Metrics.

  How do Organic Farming Systems compare with Conventional when it comes to soil biology? Data shows the differences in % of biologically-managed farms compared to conventional, as defined by the study authors.   FIBL (Switzerland) and University Wageningen...