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Enhanced Soil Health with Solvita in Maine Potatoes with Compost and Crop Rotations

A recently published long-term crop study by Maine USDA-ARS highlights the positive benefits of prior compost applications and soil-improving crop rotations on potato yield and soil quality. As part of full soil microbiological assessment, Solvita was used for CO2...

African soil study spotlights Solvita basal method for detecting management changes

A new study conducted in Africa evaluates Solvita vs other soil health tests for assessing the reversal of soil degradation.  Paired fields in Ethiopia (23 farms), Kenya (23 farms), and Tanzania (13 farms) were assessed by a participatory approach where farmers and...

Rebecca Harvey has joined Woods End Laboratories LLC as Chief Executive Officer

Mount Vernon, Maine, June 9, 2022- Woods End Laboratories LLC, a US based leader in agricultural soil health testing, announced that Rebecca Harvey, PhD has joined the organization as Chief Executive Officer. Rebecca will lead the organization to further grow its...