About Us

Founded in 1974 as a soil testing lab specialized in soil biology, Woods End has grown and evolved into a firm providing discrete scientific services to enable more successful interaction of agriculture with nature.

While our core focus is building an integrated approach to soil analysis serving sustainable farming, our abilities extend to performing carbon-cycling studies with an emphasis on biological respiration.

We are the lead firm researching and developing Solvita respiration products with exciting upgrades on the way.

Respiratory biology affects all living systems, but hardly more so than the fate and effects of carbon in soil – a process on which the quality of farming and cleanliness of water and air so depend. While scientists need precise methods, agriculture needs practical methods,- Woods End is active in both arenas.

In 2018 Woods End labs emerges as a GLP certified lab for non-clinical studies, providing scientific guidance and research enabling innovative products to be properly characterized and regulated.

Currently our services are used by farmers and organization worldwide and our custom research services are asked for by consultants and agricultural Fortune 500 firms. Have a nagging question about something influencing your farm, your crop yields or your products? Try contacting us!