Woods End presented a prototype of the soon to be released Digital Color Reader (DCR) to accompany Solvita test kits, to participants of the ORBIT-2006 Congress in Weimar this week. Woods End plans to market a combination “Sovita + DCR” kit using classic Solvita with the advanced digital unit.

The DCR eliminates subjective color estimation from test strips plus it adds a new level of precision, making quantitation possible. The result: a highly effective, low-cost CO2-respirometer and ammonia volitization test requiring no prior experience, using no complicated or hazardous lab supplies, and working as well in the field as the lab, with quantitation capabilities rivaling lab devices. Brinton told the audience: “Many of you are debating the merits of official lab stability tests, each country with its own device, some quite expensive — but let’s not overlook the value of a standardized procedure which puts composters and labs on the same playing field”.

The new DCR will report CO2 % and mg of NH3-N volatized. Results can be converted to a mass basis, for any time constant, providing such customary output as mg CO2-C g VS. Initial field experience shows that the CO2% capability can be employed as an aeration-sufficiency test on-site. Woods End is taking orders for November availability.