Going Going GoneWoods End offers exciting new technology when it comes to bio-degradation studies. The bio-laboratory has digital imaging capability to help visualize what’s really happening over time as a material is “eaten” by soil microbes. In this case, sequential digital imagery turned into video depicts the stages of 14-week decay in real-world composting. The test device: a “Biobox” – a Woods End invention – that enables one to see into the compost with the test-packaging present, while remaining hot, simulating the energy of a 3 ton heap of compost.

Woods End’s images were presented at the Sustainable Packaging Coalition meetings in Denver recently. More recently they became a stunning Earth Day commercial seen on American Idol. Sunchips Compostable Bag The entire 8000-image process was created in the Woods End Biobox unit.

At right – a PLA bag purchased in Brooklyn, New York run through a sequence of composting. Not much left at Day 69 in compost!